How does ReddishEarth get all of his motivation?

These are some tips to help you get motivated.

But even ReddishEarth cant get much motivation. So how is he going to help?

Well ReddishEarth got the motivation to make this page and website so he can help.

Just getting into it

If you just start getting your stuff open and just start doing it you will start to get motivated.

I have had experience doing this and it has worked.

Having a good routine

If you have a balenced routine and don't skip a day it can help a bit with motivation.

For example, If you have a routine where you get out of bed, go eat breakfast then start working on your thing that is a good routine.

But if you do that same routine but mess it up, change it or skip it that could lose your motivation.

If you have to do something during the day, plan ahead son't wait until the last minute.

Losing Motivation

The most common reasons I lose motivation is: